The CloSYS Difference

Cloralstan® is a patented antimicrobial ingredient (chlorine dioxide) that's plenty powerful and pleasantly gentle. Naturally activated by your saliva CloSYS kills bad bacteria in 10 seconds without the burn you've come to expect.

Cloralstan®, a highly effective oxidant recognized as an exceptional antimicrobial kills most oral pathogens associated with gum disease and inhibits their re-growth. No other antimicrobial controls biofilm and promotes better gum, mouth, and breath health.

  • Eliminates bad breath
  • Soothes mouth sores
  • Aids dry mouth conditions
  • Comforts sensitive mouths
  • Gentle enough for all ages
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CloSYS, A Helping Hand In Cancer Care

The widely held belief that mouth sores caused by cancer treatments (oral mucositis)  are generally short lived may actually cause patients to neglect their oral care at a time when more attention to the mouth is needed.

CloSYS®, while not a prevention for the terrible side effects of cancer treatment, soothes painful sores while balancing the pH of the mouth for a healthier oral environment.

Better than magic mouthwash, better than dry mouth only products, and better than prescription chlorhexidine. CloSYS® Ultra Sensitive Rinse is over-the-counter relief for patients anyone can use everyday.  For more info on mouth sore relief - Click Here

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