You mention the CloSYS Oral Health System, what is this?

The CloSYS Oral Health System™ is comprised of one of the Alcohol-Free Oral Health Rinses and CloSYS Toothpaste (available with fluoride or fluoride-free) used together for maximum benefit. On the go use CloSYS Ultimate Fresh Breath Oral Spray.

What makes CloSYS patented formula unique?

Founder of CloSYS® and Periodontist Dr. Perry Ratcliff had a bold belief that there had to be a better/gentler way to help with oral care. Dr. Ratcliff didn’t agree with the common myth ‘If it hurts, it must be good for you’.

CloSYS® took a different approach – keep it gentle, yet effective, and people will use it long enough to make a different in their oral health. After discovering that his first patented formula was not only extremely gentle but incredibly effective, he gathered a small group of dental professionals and business leaders to start their journey toward what is today CloSYS® Oral Care.

Simply put, CloSYS® is the Gentlest. Oral Care. Ever. ® All CloSYS® formulas are pH balanced, highly effective and extremely gentle so they are not harsh or irritating to sensitive mouths. And because it’s so gentle, it means you can swish it in your mouth longer without having to spit it out early and risk not getting the full benefit of the rinse.

CloSYS® products are free of alcohol, sulfates, triclosan, and other harsh ingredients that can burn or irritate sensitive mouths.

How does CloSYS help maintain oral wellness?

Research studies indicate use of products from the CloSYS products may improve overall oral health.

Why are there no sulfates in CloSYS toothpastes?

CloSYS fluoride and fluoride-free toothpastes are formulated sulfate-free to be gentler on the mouth. Products that contain sulfates have been known to irritate the mouth. You will notice CloSYS toothpaste does not excessively foam because it does not contain sulfates.

What is the ingredient Sarkosyl in your toothpaste?

Sarkosyl is a coconut derived cleansing booster, also known as sodium lauroyl sarcosinate. When combined with our patented formula it greatly improves the efficacy of our toothpaste.

Are CloSYS products gluten free? Vegan friendly?

Yes & Yes. All CloSYS products are free of gluten, and their ingredients are not derived from any animal products.

Are your plastic bottles recyclable?

CloSYS bottles are made of HDPE (plastic code #2) which is the most commonly recycled & reusable plastic and is considered one of the safest forms of plastic. Always refer to packaging instructions.

Is chlorine dioxide the same as chlorine?

No. While they share in name a chlorine atom, the resulting chemicals are different. It's also not the same as bleach.

Do CloSYS products contain a preservative?

No, CloSYS products to not contain preservatives. Stabilized chlorine dioxide acts as a preservative.

Do CloSYS products contain parabens?

CloSYS products do not contain parabens.

Do CloSYS products contain any dyes or colorants?

CloSYS products do not contain any dyes. Our toothpastes contain titanium dioxide.

Is CloSYS safe to use with braces or dental implants?

Yes, research studies support that CloSYS products are safe to use with dental implants.