CloSYS Hydrating Oral Spray 0.31oz
CloSYS 3-Pack Hydrating Oral Spray
CloSYS Oral Spray
CloSYS Oral Spray
Breath Spray

CloSYS Oral Spray

3 Pack - Refreshing Mint
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CloSYS Oral Spray is more than just another breath spray. CloSYS oral spray helps hydrate and freshen the whole mouth. Just as helpful as our CloSYS mouthwashes and toothpastes, our Hydrating Oral spray uses a water based, pH balanced patented formula, that is naturally activated to freshen breath on the go.

  • Promotes Mouth Health - CloSYS Oral Spray in Refreshing Mint flavor is a great way to keep your breath fresh while you're on the go. This pH balanced formula is naturally activated to fight odor causing bacteria and hydrate your gums for a cleaner and fresher mouth after every spray.
  • No Harmful Ingredients - CloSYS Oral Spray is sugar-free, alcohol-free, triclosan-free, and gluten-free. Freshen breath without the burning sensation and sugary aftertaste.
  • Conveniently Sized - The non-aerosol pump spray is air travel approved and sized to fit in any pocket, purse or bag.
  • Uncommonly Gentle - The gentle pH balanced formula is naturally activated to maintain a non-acidic environment in the mouth.
  • Refreshingly Clean - Providing convenient long-lasting freshness, CloSYS Oral Spray is just as effective as our mouthwashes and toothpastes in eliminating bad breath odors at the source.

Directions For Best Results: Shake well, spray once or twice into your mouth. 

Ingredients: Water, polysorbate 20, stabilized chlorine dioxide, mint flavor, trisodium phosphate, citric acid, sucralose.