A Bold Courage

In the 1980’s, founder Dr. Perry Ratcliff, had a bold belief that there had to be a better/gentler way to help with oral care. He found most products irritating or ineffective cover-ups at best relying on the burn-myth of marketing, "If it hurts it must be good for you." Dr. Ratcliff didn't agree.  

After discovering his soon-to-be patented formula was not only extremely gentle but incredibly effective, he gathered a small group of dental professionals and business leaders to start their journey toward what is today CloSYS Oral Care. . . with bold emphasis on the word care.       Learn More

Our Products Are Free From

  • Sulfates

    Everyone knows the mouth is a sensitive place, and sulfates have been known to actually irritate the mouth. CloSYS is sulfate free.

  • Alcohol

    Alcohol dries out the mouth and reduces the natural pH, making the mouth more acidic. CloSYS is alcohol free.

  • Triclosan

    Research suggests triclosan might contribute to the development of antibiotic-resistant germs. CloSYS is triclosan free.