We've all heard the saying "No pain-no gain." That may work in the gym but it doesn't work with oral care. When it comes to the mouth most of us don't like the pain that comes with certain oral care ingredients. So, to avoid the "zing & sting" we end up brushing faster and rinsing less. And when this happens efficacy falls off.

Dental professionals will be the first to tell you brushing for 2 minutes and rinsing before or after every brushing is the difference maker in better checkups. Their number one complaint is patient compliance (following directions).

CloSYS uses a patented antimicrobial formula that's highly effective while being gentle on the mouth so you'll use it longer. We're helping mouths everywhere get better checkups without the burn and irritation. CloSYS is changing the way oral care feels, and we're changing that popular saying to: "No pain-no stain." 

So how gentle is CloSYS?