The story with our caps and seals goes back to before the pandemic. The crown cap (because it looks like a crown) was a great idea from a design standpoint but it actually didn't play out like we hoped. 

The crown cap was hard to grip because it was smooth, and the edge could be a bit sharp. But the biggest issue was the inner seal being extremely difficult to remove. At one point we had some leaking which is not good for obvious reasons. So our co-packer had to apply the seal with extra pressure making it ridiculously hard to remove but necessary to prevent tampering. We errored on the side of safety but knew we need to make it better.

Because of these issues we embarked on making a new cap that would be; easier to grip, able to be shrink sealed on the outside, and one that uses a "crab-claw" seal. This is what you see on water and soda bottles, so you can open and re-close tightly without leaking. Unfortunately, the pandemic hit and the bottle and cap world became backlogged which in turn delayed our solution. 

So why the temporary cap? Because the crown caps became obsolete and the new caps were delayed resulting in the old cap and foil seal. The good news is that the we believe the new caps and shrink seals will be available in the coming months, assuming no further delays.

We apologize for this inconvenience. This is not at all how we wanted our product to look and feel. But the new cap and easier to remove seal will be exactly what we've heard our customers want.