For Malodor/Bad Breath:
CloSYS for Oral Malodor Management download
Efficacy of Chlorine Dioxide in reducing malodor download
Patient Education about bad breath download
General Science & Other CloSYS Research :
CloSYS Oral Health System and it's Benefits download
Evidence Base for the CloSYS Health System download
Microbicidal Activity of CloSYS download
CloSYS & Implant Maintenance download
Non-Staining Rinse for Periodontal Patients download
CloSYS compared to CHX & other rinses download
MicroCLEAR Waterline Cleaner Instructions for use download
CloSYS Anticavity Toothpaste Fluoride Uptake poster download
CloSYS Anticavity Toothpaste Remineralization poster download
The efficacy of ClōSYS Anticavity Toothpaste compared to others download