Getting a refund:  

  • If Purchased at a Retail or Online store-return to the retail store where you purchased and request a refund directly. Retail stores & online retailers deduct from our payments automatically to cover the cost of store level returns. Note: Store return policies are their own and purchases are subject to their policies.
  • If Purchased from Refunds from CloSYS are for one piece/ unit only regardless of purchase quantity. Please purchase quantities wisely.
    • Indicate the reason why you are requesting a refund. We cannot refund without all of the information below:  
    • Email a picture of the unused product including a 1) picture of the UPC code, and 2) image of the purchase receipt to:                                             

    *The refund will be the purchase price minus any coupon(s) but including sales tax based upon the information shown on the receipt.