How CloSYS Works


CloSYS contains Cloralstan®, a patented ingredient whose main purpose is to gently yet powerfully treat oral health conditions. When CloSYS contacts your saliva it's exposed to the acidic areas where plaque has formed and that's when the Cloralstan® begins to activate. Once released, Clorastan® kills dental plaque-causing bacteria and volatile sulfur compounds (VSC's) that damage soft tissue.


One of the ways Cloralstan® works is through oxidation of the sulfide bonds in VSCs. The chlorine dioxide in CloSYS reacts with the molecules that cause bad breath, and destroys them. Unlike other products, CloSYS does not cover up the unpleasant smells; it eliminates them.

A Patented, Powerful Formula

Cloralstan® is a highly effective oxidant that's actually performs as an odorless tasteless gas. Cloralstan® has long been recognized as a very effective antimicrobial for its disinfection and sterilizing properties, and has been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency for industrial use as an eco-friendly food disinfectant and drinking water treatment.

Cloralstan® attacks microorganisms, destroys major pathogens associated with gum disease and inhibits their re-growth. No other antimicrobial has proved to control biofilm and respond to tooth decay and gum disease better than chlorine dioxide. The great news is that Cloralstan is found in all our oral products, and when paste and rinse are used together, provide the optimum oral health you deserve.

Unbelievable product. Miraculous for bad breath.

Luis M.

Tampa, FL


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