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Our oral health and our overall health are closely related. Unhealthy conditions in the mouth may lead to other health issues in the body. One of the easiest things we can do to safeguard our health is to establish a 3 part oral care routine:

See Your Dentist Regularly

Regular examinations and cleanings will ensure that any issues with your mouth, gums, teeth or tongue are taken care of promptly, before they become health problems.

Have a Healthy Oral Routine

A smart preventative plan includes flossing, brushing and rinsing twice a day. Using an oral irrigator, like a Waterpik, to remove food particles is also a great prevention tool.

Use Our Complete Oral Health System Daily

Many dentists recommend using CloSYS Alcohol-Free Oral Health Rinse, Sulfate-Free Fluoride Toothpaste and Fresh Breath Oral Spray to take charge of your health every day.


Oral Care Systemic Health

Daily Oral Care

Oral health and overall health have been shown to be closely related to each other. Therefore, it is essential for individuals to use the right oral care products for optimum health.

Floss / Irrigate

Use good dental floss and/or an oral irrigator (Waterpik) to remove plaque and debris from the areas your toothbrush cannot reach. If using an oral irrigator add CloSYS rinse at approximately a 10:1 solution of water and rinse.


Use a soft bristled or electric toothbrush with CloSYS sulfate-free toothpaste. Brush for two minutes brush at a 45° angle into the gum line for optimal results. Gum line care is just as important as brushing the surface of the teeth.


Finish by rinsing vigorously for 60 seconds being sure to gargle so the rinse reaches the back of the throat. Spit when complete and try not to eat or drink for 20-30 minutes after your routine to allow CloSYS to continue to work balancing the mouth's pH.

Sanitize Your Toothbrush

Soak your toothbrush in CloSYS oral rinse for approximately 1 minute once a week to sanitize it and kill the bacteria that can grow on a wet toothbrush.

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systemic oral health

Oral health: A window to your overall health

Understanding The Oral Systemic Connection

Health professionals now believe that the health of your mouth may have a significant connection to your overall health.

"Systemic" means something that affects the entire body. Awareness of the systemic connection between oral health and overall health has become a regular topic in all kinds of media-from medical journals to popular television shows like The View and Dr. Oz.

Dental products like CloSYS, which help address the oral systemic problems, are playing a greater role in helping people reach their personal health goals.

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systemic oral health frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the CloSYS Oral Health System? + SHOW

The CloSYS Oral Health System is comprised of Alcohol-Free Oral Health Rinse (available original unflavored or Gentle Mint Flavor) and CloSYS Toothpaste (available with fluoride or fluoride-free). Also available is CloSYS Fresh Breath Oral Spray.

What is in CloSYS Oral Health products? + SHOW

CloSYS patented products contain Cloralstan® (stabilized chlorine dioxide). As formulated into CloSYS products, Cloralstan® impedes plaque formation, oxidizes volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs) and kills harmful bacteria that irritate gums and cause bad breath.

What is Cloralstan® and how is it activated? + SHOW

When introduced into the mouth, the solution is naturally activated by the amino acids in saliva, creating a small and very safe amount of chlorine dioxide. Cloralstan® is also activated by motion – such as tooth-brushing.

Are CloSYS products and Cloralstan® safe? Yes. + SHOW

Key components of CloSYS with Cloralstan®, chlorine dioxide and chlorite, have been used to purify drinking water, and as a result the safety of these compounds have been extensively studied by researchers and documented by the US government (Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Health and Human Services).

What makes CloSYS patented formula unique? + SHOW

The activation of CloSYS with Cloralstan® is primarily dependent on the pH and concentration. A balanced pH is 6.5 to 8.0, and CloSYS is patented within this range.

What makes CloSYS Oral Health Product unique? + SHOW

  1. CloSYS attacks bacteria that cause plaque build-up which may lead to gum disease without killing other bacteria important to digestion and a healthy mouth.
  2. CloSYS kills these harmful bacteria quickly and effectively and inhibits their regrowth.
  3. CloSYS does not harm cells and functions associated with healing and healthy tissue.
  4. CloSYS oxides volatile sulfur compounds that enable oral infections to occur
  5. CloSYS toothpastes do not contain Triclosan or sulfates found to irritate oral tissue. CloSYS toothpaste is very low in abrasivity making it ideal for those with sensitive mouths, oral sores or concerned about damaging their tooth enamel.
  6. CloSYS oral rinse is alcohol-free which will not burn allowing the user to rinse longer.

How does CloSYS help maintain oral wellness? + SHOW

Clinical and case studies indicate use of products from the CloSYS Oral Health System may: eliminate or reduce oral malodor and VSCs in the mouth for eight hours or more after use and reduce indicators of gum disease.

Does the CloSYS System reduce plaque? Yes. + SHOW

CloSYS products kill bacteria that help plaque form, and when plaque calcifies on teeth, tartar forms. CloSYS products do not remove tartar which is properly done only by a dental professional during regular teeth cleanings.

Who should use CloSYS products? + SHOW

Anyone serious about their health and about maintaining good oral health, periodontal patients, and people with oral malodor (halitosis) should use these products. Everyone can benefit from using this patented system which can be used every day without need of a prescription.

Why are there no sulfates in CloSYS toothpastes? + SHOW

A potential consequence of the presence of sulfate is the formation of ulcers (commonly referred to as: canker sores) in the mouth. CloSYS fluoride and fluoride-free toothpastes are formulated sulfate-free to avoid possible oral ulcers.

Did the formula of the toothpaste change? Yes. + SHOW

Over the years, we received feedback from several customers that the toothpaste dries quickly, it does not hold well on toothbrush, leaves a white film in the sink, and the taste was a bit medicinal. In order to improve the consistency and taste of our toothpaste, we replaced sorbitol (controversial ingredient) with sodium lauroyl sarcosinate. Our core and patented stabilized chlorine dioxide has NOT, AND WILL NOT, change.

What is the difference between Sulfates and Sarcosinate ingredients? + SHOW

Sarcosinate is vastly different than sodium lauryl sulfate. The major difference is that sarcosinate IS NOT considered part of the sulfate group. Therefore, sarcosinate is very mild, non-irritating, and generates some foaming, but very little compared to other brands (most people don't even notice). CloSYS products remain sulfate-free and thus very safe, gentle, and now better tasting and performing.

Do you need a prescription for the CloSYS Oral Health System? No. + SHOW

All products of the CloSYS Oral Health System are available without a prescription. These products may be purchased: online (at, Amazon, or, or retailers (such as Walgreens, CVS Health, Pharmaca, Harmon Stores, Kinney Drug, and Walmart–select stores).

Are CloSYS products tested on animals? No. + SHOW

CloSYS has a strict No Animal Testing policy and is are cruelty free products*
*Fluoride products are required to follow the FDA one-time only testing guidelines.

Are CloSYS products gluten free? Yes. + SHOW

All CloSYS products are free of gluten.

Are CloSYS products vegan friendly? Yes. + SHOW

CloSYS products and their ingredients are not derived from any animal products.

Are there any special notices for CloSYS uses? + SHOW

CloSYS may stain some fabrics if spilled and not washed out immediately.
In a very small amount of cases (>0.1%) temporary taste alteration may occur as the mouth becomes accustomed to a healthier balanced pH level. This will go away as the acidic mouth adapts. It may help to brush the tongue with baking soda and the toothpaste to help the mouth level out the acidity quicker, but you don’t have to. This is not referenced on the packaging because of the extremely low occurrence rate.

Are CloSYS products cruelty free? + SHOW

CloSYS has a strict NO ANIMAL TESTING policy and is a 100% Cruelty Free product*.
*The only exception is for products that contain fluoride, due to FDA regulations –testing is one time only.

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