Everyone benefits from CloSYS

  • Those with mild to moderate sensitivity issues
  • People with mild to moderate dry mouth
  • Halitosis suffers
  • Periodontal or implant patients
  • Those that suffer from canker sores
  • Cancer patients with chemo/radiation sores
  • Safe and effective for Adults and Children

systemic oral health

Oral health: A window to your overall health

Understanding The Oral Systemic Connection

Health professionals now believe that the health of your mouth may have a significant connection to your overall health.

"Systemic" means something that affects the entire body. Awareness of the systemic connection between oral health and overall health has become a regular topic in all kinds of media-from medical journals to popular television shows like The View and Dr. Oz.

Dental products like CloSYS, which help address the oral systemic problems, are playing a greater role in helping people reach their personal health goals.

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Smooth when you rinse, no burning feelings in your mouth.

Ricardo C.

Woodbridge, VA


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