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CloSYS oral health care products are unlike any other on the market. CloSYS is for those that take their health seriously and want real results without the burn, the pain or the stain that you've come to expect from regular oral care products.

General Product Review:

"Every since I started using Closys, the tarter on my teeth has declined (per my dentist). Great stuff!"
- Jenny O.

"My friend is a dentist and said this would help with my gum pockets. I thought I would give it a try. I was astonished! With just ONE use, my breath problems were fixed. I almost can't believe it. I would brush my tongue, gums, roof of mouth, and floss and use mouthwash but would have foul breath at the end of the day. Now my breath is never bad. It may not always be perfect but it's always kissable!
The taste is almost like peroxide mixed with water...very mild and gentle on the mouth. I do use a little of the flavor but plain is fine, too. I want to try the gentle mint but am not sure what it tastes like.
I've only been using a few weeks so far so I don't know if my mouth health actually improved, but breath is a pretty good indicator of bacteria and decay, so I'm happy so far! My mouth feels less sensitive as well.
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- David R. Carron

"I absolutely love this product. My dentist recommended I try this product (toothpaste and mouthwash) when I complained of often getting sores in my mouth - he thought it could be a result of the foaming agent in most toothpastes and washes. He was right in my case, since using this brand, I no longer have the problem. The mouthwash itself can be flavored to any degree you choose with the included peppermint concentrate, or left flavorless - which is how I choose to use it. And, my mouth and gums have never been healthier overall. I highly recommend to everybody. ... Read More
- Amazon Customer


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