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CloSYS oral health care products are unlike any other on the market. CloSYS is for those that take their health seriously and want real results without the burn, the pain or the stain that you've come to expect from regular oral care products.

General Product Review:

"When Glaxo purchased the company that makes Biotene toothpaste, they drastically changed the formula and made Biotene similar to every other toothpaste on the store shelf - like foamy detergent. CloSYS is a nice, gentler alternative that is SLS-free. CloSYS contains Chlorine Dioxide, the same ingredient used for municipal water disinfection. This is even more powerful against plaque forming bacteria. I just wish this was offered in some other flavor besides mint flavor. ... Read More
- D. Coral

"I got this as a gift and was shocked by how effective it was. I haven't been to the dentist for a long time so I have a big cavity and pockets that I need to deal with. Dreading THE chair, I've been putting it off. But dealing with the 'cavity taste' has been nasty. I have all sorts of hi-tech 'weapons' in my bathroom, including a Sonicare toothbrush, Colgate Advanced+ sensitive, Waterpik, even good old dental floss. None of them got rid of the taste. Then I added CloSYS to the regimen. It tastes like water, there was no abrasive taste to it. So it's easy to hold it in your mouth for a minute or two or even longer while you go about with other tasks. It was fantastic! There was no after taste of any sorts, but instantly the bad taste in my mouth was gone. And it stayed gone for almost 24 hours. I'm sure if I have used it twice/day it would have stayed gone. And even when it came back, it was weak in comparison to before-use. The cavity even calmed down a bit. I have only used this one time and I am impressed already! It's also great how concentrated it is, so packing it with a luggage would be a breeze. CloSYS is definitely the 'strong, silent type'. There is no fancy packaging and it tastes like water, but it gets the job done. ... Read More
- Orange335

"I liken it to an apple a day keeping the doctor away - Using CloSYS each day keeps the dentist at bay. This product, is the best I have found for protecting my teeth and mouth from bacteria. It is also superb for keeping plaque off the teeth. No other mouthwash has performed like this. I highly recommend this mouthwash if you are concerned about keeping your teeth as clean as possible. You will really see a difference at your next dental appointment. ... Read More
- Kathy A. Pippi


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