Will using CloSYS prevent me from contracting the Influenza A virus?

No. CloSYS is not a cure or prevention for the Influenza A H3N2 virus. All we know at this point is it has proven in the laboratory testing to reduce the virus significantly which may help reduce transmission. More studies are needed to know for sure.

What happens if an infected person uses CloSYS thinking they are safe? Can they pass the Influenza A virus to others after using your products?

CloSYS is not a prevention for contracting the virus nor has it been proven to reduce the transmission as further studies are needed. Anyone with the Influenza virus should seek medical attention if needed and remain quarantined until the virus is no longer active. CloSYS should not be used as a replacement to face masks, distancing or washing hands or other CDC guidelines for prevention of spreading any infectious virus.

How long did the rinse tested work in the lab studies?

The time required for the Infuenza A viral load to increase in the mouth is not fully understood. What we know is that in a laboratory study CloSYS Ultra Sensitive rinse reduced the virus up to 99.993% in 30 seconds. We are in the process of planning additional studies to know more. 

How do the other CloSYS products perform against the Influenza A virus?

All CloSYS products performed with similar results in the lab studies conducted.

Is CloSYS safe to use multiple times during the day?

CloSYS is safe to use multiple times per day because it’s gentle and can be used for 30 seconds without the burn or irritation that comes from alcohol, iodine, or peroxide based products. CloSYS products are pH balanced and as gentle as water to use which we know improves patient compliance with the dental professional guidelines for a healthy mouth.