CloSYS patented formula contains Cloralstan®, the trade name for stabilized chlorine dioxide (CIO2). When CloSYS is exposed to the amino acids in your saliva, the antimicrobial Cloralstan® is activated. Once released, the Cloralstan® kills dental plaque-causing bacteria and volatile sulfur compounds that damage soft tissue.

So what is Cloralstan® / (CIO2)?
Cloralstan® or is a highly effective oxidant and has long been recognized as a very effective antimicrobial for its disinfection and sterilizing properties. Cloralstan® kills major pathogens associated with gum disease and inhibits their re-growth. No other antimicrobial has proved to control biofilm and respond to tooth decay and gum disease better than chlorine dioxide. The patented ingredient in CloSYS is found in all our oral products, and when they are used together, provides exceptional oral health.

As an Oxidizer 
One of the additional ways Cloralstan® works is through oxidation of the sulfide bonds in VSCs. The patented formula in CloSYS reacts with the molecules that cause bad breath, and destroys them. Unlike other products, CloSYS does not cover up the unpleasant smells; it eliminates them.

Chlorine Dioxide Safety                                                                           

The active ingredient Cloralstan®, is a stabilized molecular form of chlorine dioxide. Chlorine dioxide is one of the safest ingredients used in the food industry today. This active ingredient in CloSYS is an effective and safe antimicrobial agent that requires no mixing to activate.

Extensive literature related to the pharmacology, toxicology, and safety of chlorine dioxide and stabilized chlorine dioxide is readily available. The Environmental Protection Agency and the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry have both developed toxicological profiles for chlorine dioxide.

No Harmful Ingredients                                                                               

Many patients have conditions that react negatively to the standard ingredients in most toothpastes and oral rinses.

CloSYS products never contain alcohol or sulfates and are always pH balanced so they clean, freshen and kill harmful bacteria without irritation which is why CloSYS is The Gentlest. Oral Care. Ever.