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ClōSYS Ultra Sensitive Rinse, ClōSYS Sensitive Rinse, ClōSYS Sensitive Fluoride Toothpaste & ClōSYS Oral Spray Lab Tested on Influenza A virus

ClōSYS initiated in vitro lab tests with Influenza A H3N2, to understand if our patented antimicrobial formula is helpful in fighting the infectious virus. Further studies in the mouth are needed and in progress. - View Press Release

Throughout the flu season we hope to learn all we can in order to provide products that help people get and stay well through better oral health.

NOTE: CloSYS Products have NOT been proven to help mitigate, prevent, treat diagnose or cure the Influenza A virus. Lab tests are just the first steps in learning more.

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CloSYS Influenza A Press Release

Lab Test: ClōSYS Oral Rinse Eliminated Influenza A (H3N2) Virus Up to 99.9% in 30 Seconds
Influenza A Lab Results Come on Heels of Similar Findings of ClōSYS on the COVID-19 Virus,
Just as U.S. Gears Up for Uncertain Flu and Cold Season

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (10/13/2020) ― Rowpar Pharmaceuticals, Inc., the makers of the ClōSYS brand of toothpastes, mouthwashes and oral sprays, announced today that an in vitro laboratory analysis showed that ClōSYS Ultra Sensitive Oral Rinse reduced the Influenza A H3N2 virus up to 99.993% within 30 seconds without the use of any harsh chemicals. The lab study findings (which did not include testing in the oral cavity) are particularly important because flu seasons during which Influenza A H3N2 is the dominant virus tend to be more severe, recent history shows.

Rowpar recently announced that an in vitro laboratory analysis showed that ClōSYS Ultra Sensitive Oral Rinse reduced SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19 virus) up to 98.4% within 30 seconds ( Those initial lab tests did not include testing in the oral cavity, but based on the results, Rowpar has launched clinical studies to determine whether ClōSYS over-the-counter products can help lower the transmission of the novel coronavirus from one person to another.

“Because oral health is known to impact whole body health, self-care is more important than ever, especially during a pandemic,” said CEO of Rowpar Pharmaceuticals Jim Ratcliff. “These initial findings on Influenza A, together with the COVID-19 results, are extremely encouraging. We’re pleased to be able to share them now, as we head into a particularly uncertain flu and cold season and a possible ‘twindemic’ if COVID-19 and flu cases surge. People may want to reevaluate their self-care routines.”

Lab testing of ClōSYS Ultra Sensitive Oral Rinse against Influenza A H3N2 virus was conducted at Microbac Laboratories, Inc., in Sterling, Virginia, an independent laboratory accredited to test highly infectious viruses. The Influenza A study can be found at

“At Rowpar, we’re serious about the science behind our products,” Ratcliff continued. “Through additional research, we hope to learn all we can in order to provide easily available over-the-counter products that help people get and stay well through better oral health.”

While there is no evidence that inactivating the Influenza A or COVID-19 virus in the mouth will impact disease transmission, the studies reinforce the antimicrobial strength of ClōSYS products. Midwestern University is conducting a general study using ClōSYS to determine the reduction in viral and bacterial load of patients who pre-rinse prior to dental procedures.

All ClōSYS products contain a proprietary formula with Clorastan® (stabilized chlorine dioxide), which is a safe and effective oxidant long recognized for its antimicrobial, disinfecting and sanitizing properties. The ClōSYS formula is naturally activated by acids in saliva. Once released, Clorastan® disrupts and penetrates dental biofilm, killing the microbial pathogens living within and inhibiting their regrowth.


Influenza A Virus FAQ's

With studies come more questions. It is our hope that with additional research we will be able to answer these and other questions in greater detail.

We have a lot more to learn as a company whose mission is to help people get well and stay well through better oral health. It starts with honesty, transparency, and following the science.

Influenza FAQs