Q: Does CloSYS work against Covid-19?

A: Studies of a virus like Covid-19 are not typical of what oral care companies can undertake because of the very nature of the virus strength. As you can imagine all major testing facilities are jammed up right now and the CDC is closely controlling and monitoring who is testing the Covid-19 virus. However, CloSYS has now been approved and has begun an in vitro CoV-2 initial study.

Q: What is CloSYS telling the professional world at this point?

A: Until we know more we have to take the highest road therefore the below statement is what we have to publish at this time regarding CloSYS and Covid-19:

"While CloSYS is an excellent antimicrobial for the mouth that kills many types of bad bacteria and does keep your mouth healthier, we have zero knowledge  at this point in time to support any claim that suggests our product would kill the Covid-19 virus strain. We are telling inbound inquiries that we have no evidence of the effect of CloSYS on Covid-19 yet, therefore our response has to be “CloSYS does NOT work on the Covid-19 virus until proven otherwise.”  

Please be safe during these times and follow the CDC guidelines.

Q: Do any other oral care products work against Covid-19?

A: If anyone is currently saying they have data on their oral care products specifically about how it works with Covid-19 they are making things up. Testing is just now beginning, and this is just going to tell us how it works within a soft tissue environment. It will not of course be a cure, prevention, or immunity. CloSYS wants to know how it can help in the oral cavity for patient and staff safety so we are investing in research against this virus strain. As far as we know the rest of the oral care community at this point does not have anything to suggest any product can make claims that it works specifically against Covid-19.

Q: Will CloSYS help to reduce harmful aerosols? 

A: CloSYS patented formula with chlorine dioxide is a great pre-procedural rinse for helping to lower aerosol contaminates. See the study link for Wirthlin & Marshall which speaks specifically about CloSYS rinse-View Study.  Shown below is a link to another chlorine dioxide study, albeit not directly with CloSYS products but the formula is similar-Learn More

Efficacy of preprocedural mouth rinse containing chlorine dioxide in reduction of viable bacterial count in dental aerosols during ultrasonic scaling: A double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial Saini R - Dent Hypotheses

Background: The risk to dentists, dental assistants, and patients of infectious diseases through aerosols has long been recognized. The aim of this study was to evaluate and compare the efficacy of commercially available preprocedural mouthrinses containing 0.2% chlorhexidine (CHX) gluconate, chlorine dioxide (ClO 2) mouthwash, and water in reducing the levels of viable bacteria in aerosols.


Q: How does CloSYS compare with Hydrogen Peroxide for Pre-rinsing?

A: Many are confusing the CDC recommendation of hydrogen peroxide for surface cleaning with oral care products containing the same. The concentration of hydrogen peroxide varies in different over-the-counter rinses and therefore, it is difficult to generalize the efficacy of these types of rinses. The specific amount of hydrogen peroxide in a rinse directly affects its antimicrobial activity as well as its adverse effects. Additionally, over-the-counter hydrogen peroxide found in the first aid aisle is not recommend as it would be too strong (harmful to enamel and mucosa). 

CloSYS products, patented formulations of naturally activated stabilized chlorine dioxide, are a very effective antimicrobial, antibiofilm, and oxidizing agent (Drake and Villhauer, 2011, Journal of Clinical Dentistry, Vol. 22, pp. 1-5 and Grootveld and Silwood, 2001, Journal of Clinical Dentistry, Vol. 12, pp. 67-70). CloSYS kills 99% of bad bacteria (US Patents 4,689,215 and 4,788,053, and 4,818,519) in ten seconds. Further, unlike chlorohexidine which is not effective on CoV-2, stabilized chlorine dioxide in CloSYS products it does not kill fibroblasts thereby protecting gums and soft tissues in the oral cavity (Wirthlin et. al., 2006, Periodontal Abstracts, Vol. 54, pp. 67-71).

Based on these properties CloSYS Pre-Rinse would be a powerful step to help safe guard office staff and yet gentle enough for every patient. Additionally, MicroCLEAR dental unit waterline cleaner is an affordable and easy to use way to treat waterlines. Both use a pre-calibrated pump for easy dispensing.