MOUTH SENSITIVITY - It's not just teeth thing

Mouth sensitivity generally has to do with burning or irritation caused by; strong flavoring, product ingredients, health conditions, or medications.

Unfortunately, most oral care products contain ingredients that can irritated the mouth, and when the mouth is sensitive users don't brush or rinse long enough to be efficacious.

CloSYS oral care products use a gentle & powerful patented formula, that includes Clorastan®, to kill bad bacteria associated with gum disease and it does not contain sulfates know to irritate the mouth and cause canker sores.

Sensitivity with Down Syndrome Patients

Down syndrome patients are extremely sensitive to strong flavors and abrasive ingredients and will quickly indicate there is a problem, thereafter adamantly refusing to use it again regardless of any benefit.

Actual Case Study conducted by Cindy Andrews RDH

16-year-old male with Down syndrome

This patient presented with burning tongue syndrome. At the patient's routine six-month checkup and oral prophylaxis, it was determined that his home care was above average but consistent with what I had been able to achieve with this patient population. He did confirm, however, that his tongue burned sporadically and that from time to time he did have reddened gums.

I recommended that the patient rinse with three ounces of CloSYS oral rinse three times per day, again in the hopes of achieving compliance at a minimum of twice-a-day use. I called the next day to see how the patient was doing and his mother reported that the patient had rinsed with CloSYS as instructed and reported that his tongue had stopped burning and that the redness in his gums was gone. The mother reported that the patient only rinsed twice a day but he continues to willingly use the CloSYS oral rinse as needed and reports great success with its use.

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Mild taste, good price and after two weeks of use so far my teeth feel less sensitive and best of all there's no alcohol burn.

Mike, verified purchase

Mild Mint 32oz, April 12, 2018


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