Mouth sores like chemo sores, canker sores or lichen planus can range from mild to severe. Sadly, it can result in excessive pain that can prevent adequate hydration and nutrition.

CloSYS mouth rinses, especially the unflavored for Ultra Sensitive mouths, helps soothe the discomfort of a mouth sores. CloSYS products are formulated to eliminate harmful bacteria without the use of alcohol or other painful and irritating ingredients. With a balanced pH CloSYS is as gentle as water but powerful enough to relieve mouth sore discomfort.

Case Study

A 58 year old female originally diagnosed with breast cancer in 2003 with a recurrence in 2013. Treatment for this patient's cancer recurrence was a combination of chemotherapy and radiation. Five days after beginning treatment, she developed chemo sores not unlike the canker sores she suffered from most of her life but much more severe.

She began brushing her teeth with CloSYS 3-4x/day and rinsing several times daily between brushings.

After one week of using CloSYS products, the patient was able to swallow with less difficulty, and by the second week the sores began to heal. Fewer and fewer cankerous sores were noticeable as the weeks progressed, and the patient reported that she could chew and swallow without pain, vastly improving her mood and outlook.

SUMMARY - Although various medications may address pain and secondary infections, proper oral care remains critical for managing the complications of mouth sores. CloSYS products are gentle yet effectively target mouth sores without the burn or discomfort associated with name brand products.

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I recently had the most excruciating and gigantic canker sores which lasted for weeks. After reading a recommendation for CloSYS I gave it a try. Wow. The ulcers began to heal within about 2 days. Additionally, the rinse is quite pleasant to use, no stinging at all.

Kevin P., verified purchase

Unflavored, 32 oz.


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