Bad breath, commonly known as halitosis, is a very unpleasant condition. In today's hygiene-obsessed society, many people are concerned, even anxious, about the freshness of their breath as it's very hard to self-detect.

While most rinses are cover-up products at best, CloSYS oral rinses were awarded the first ever American Dental Association (ADA) Seal for eliminating bad breath as a safe and effective choice for tackling halitosis.

Case Study

According to Jennifer Hosburgh, a veteran hygienist of 17 years, "I have used CloSYS products for nearly two decades with very favorable results, but it wasn't until my son developed an issue with allergies back in the 4th grade that I realized just how much of a difference these products can make."

As a result of his severe allergies, Hosburgh's young son had become a mouth breather, and the resultant dry mouth, along with post nasal drip, led to halitosis that made it nearly impossible to sit across from him at the breakfast table. Luckily, the CloSYS products turned that condition around in short order. Years later, when Jennifer's son was in 8th grade, he would excitedly come home from school to tell her that people were saying things to him like, "How do you always have such fresh breath?" and, "You always have the sweetest breath." Mother and son both knew precisely what had made that possible.

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I'm a young dental hygienist. I have never had anything take bad breath away like this. This stuff is amazing!! Also, it's gentle on the tissue. Highly recommend for patients looking to get rid of bad breath.

Larissa A., verified purchase

Mild Mint, 32 oz.


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