Most Innovative Oral Care Award 2020, Rowpar Pharmaceuticals Inc., Makers of CloSYS

Corporate LiveWire CloSYS Award 2020

Corporate LiveWire announced that Rowpar Pharmaceuticals, Inc., the makers of ClōSYS brand of oral care products, was awarded Most Innovative Oral Health Organization for the United States.

"This year, Corporate LiveWire has identified the pioneers, ground-breakers, trailblazers and out-of-the-box thinkers of the corporate world for the Innovation & Excellence Awards 2020. Each of our award-winners have changed the world in some way, both in large and small quantities by creating new technologies, setting new trends and evolving industry standards." 
- Innovation and Excellence Awards 2020, Corporate LiveWire

The Corporate LiveWire judges were particularly impressed by ClōSYS Silver products, the first oral care system specially formulated for adults 55 and over. Like most of ClōSYS oral care products, ClōSYS Silver has proven effective in killing oral pathogens associated with plaque, gum and other oral diseases – such as bacteria, fungi, and viruses – and for reducing oral malodour, dry mouth, sensitive mouth, and oral mucositis; all without impeding the healing process, disrupting oral ecology, or killing bacteria beneficial to health. “The [ClōSYS Silver] products achieve unsurpassed remineralisation, lower abrasiveness, and reduced biofilm regrowth compared to leading brands”, says Corporate LiveWire.

We at Rowpar Pharmaceuticals, Inc. are honored to be chosen for this prestigious award. There is a lot more to learn about the strength and benefits of ClōSYS oral care products. We will continue to follow the science in oral care as we remain committed to helping people get well and stay well.

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