Lab Study: ClōSYS Toothpaste Evaluated by Dentistry Journal

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A recent article published by Dentistry Journal evaluated the effectiveness of ClōSYS Toothpaste.

Values from the article abstract include:

The enhanced formula of ClōSYS Sensitive (Anticavity) Toothpaste was found to be 107.7% to 303.3% and 81.5% to 102.4% higher than the commercial brands tested (Crest Pro-Health and Colgate Total) in enamel fluoride uptake and enhancing remineralization, respectively. As all those tested had the same amount of sodium fluoride, the other ingredients in CloSYS Sensitive Toothpaste accounted for the enhanced fluoride uptake and remineralization.Effectiveness of a Novel Dentifrice Containing Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide, Sarkosyl, and Sodium Fluoride.

Authors: Srinivas Rao Mynenivenkatasatya, Howard Wang, William Cooley, Esmeralda Garcia-Smith, Jaiprakash Shewale, and James Ratcliff