ClōSYS Rated Highly by Evaluators in CR Clinical Trials

Clinicians Report CloSYS 2020
Reprinted June 2020 with permission from Gordon J. Christensen
Clinicians Report® | Volume 13 Issue 6, June 2020, Page 8

CloSYS Silver Mouthrinse Rated Highly by Evaluators in CR Clinical Trials
Chlorine-Dioxide and Fluoride Mouthrinse Helpful with Healing Oral Sores and Reducing Halitosis
Mouthrinse specially formulated to meet the oral care needs of adults 55+ containing patented stabilized chlorine-dioxide and fluoride. This solution aids in the healing of oral sores, minor wounds, strengthening enamel (fluoride), and eliminating bad breath with consistent use. The formulation is alcohol free and flavored with gentle mint.

• Mild mint flavor is pleasant
• Alcohol-free formulation reduces burning experienced with many oral rinses
• Consistent use is helpful in eliminating bad breath
• Promotes oral moisture and produces good mouth feel

• Fresh mouth feel and mint scent is not long lasting

CR Conclusions: 
79% of 24 CR Evaluators stated they would incorporate CloSYS Silver Mouthrinse into their practice. 96% rated it excellent or good and worthy of trial by colleagues.

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